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Regular plastic takes 1000 years to bio-degrade on average

100,000 Animals are killed each year by plastic

Regular plastic bags are produced using harmful fossil fuels

Our Product's Benefits:

  • The most bio-degradable poo bags on the market  - our bags have a special oxo-biodegradable additive to help them degrade faster than any other bags on the market. These are not your regular supermarket dog poo bags.
  • Reduced use of fossil fuels -  instead of normal oil, bio-based plastics are made from plant-based substances such as cornstarch and vegetable oil
  • Reduced methane gas emission - our unique bags allow dog poo to bio-degrade properly

    How Does The Subscription Work?


    It's as simple as that. You can cancel your subscription easily if you want to. Or you can modify your subscription delivery frequency and quantity whenever you like as-well!

    Why Is Your Subscription 50% Off?

    We started this business because we are passionate about the environment ourselves. We want to encourage those of you who are most committed to making a change. This is a brand new service and so we want to reward the first customers to sign up.

    Those who get in the subscription now will have 50% off every delivery forever! 
    We know that our bags can make a difference and that they will. But only if people are truly committed to a change and always use them instead of regular cheap plastic bags. So we want to incentivize subscriptions as much as we can!

    The 50% deal will only be available until November the 14th! 

     Common Questions About Our Subscription

    Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes of course - if for any reason you need to cancel, then contact our customer service team and we will cancel your subscription the very same day that you e-mail us with no hidden charges.

    Can I modify my subscription?
    Yes, if you want to change the frequency of your order or the amount of bags you receive then just contact our customer service -

    Is it 50% off for the first order only?

    No! The price you pay for your first order will be the price you pay for every order! If you get in now then you will qualify for half price bags for as long as you are subscribed.

    Product Features:

    • Easy-tie handles- extra wide bags with handles for easy-tying and disposal.
    • Bags measure 18 x 34 cm
    • Tough, leak-proof and thick 

    100-Day MONEY-BACK Guarantee

    We love and trust our products and we know you will too.

    That's why we're happy to let you try it out, risk-free, for a whole 100 days.

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